Maketoys - CityBot Series - MCB-03 Pandinus

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The Next Citybot Pandinus is still under development and we are revealing some of the Prototype Pictures. The initial idea was to develop a bulky and muscular character that can transform into a giant scorpion and a ruined temple. It features a pair of giant claw-like arms and a huge scorpion stinger. Further information on gimmicks and an alternate mode will be announced later.

The Scorpion mode and the temple mode are shown below. It shares the same claws and stinger with its robot mode. Other gimmicks are still under development. 

Front and side view of the Robot mode. The head-to-toe (excluding the stinger) measurement will be around 36cm, but because of its bulky and muscular design, it will be even bigger than Utopia. It will also feature the same oversized ratcheting mechanism that used in Utopia.


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