Can I pick up my order in-store if I order online?

Yes, you have the option to pick up your online order in store when you choose the "pick up in-store" option upon checkout. Simply put the items in your cart and then chose "store pick up" as your method of shipping. The good news is we've eliminated store pick up fees so we will notify you once each item is ready for pick up. Please note that you must receive an order message confirming that your order is ready for pick up before coming in. 

One of my pre-order items have arrived in stock, can you ship that item but ship the rest of my order later?

To help customers save on shipping costs, by default, we wait until all items are in-stock before shipping your entire order. If you prefer to have us ship your in-stock items and pre-order items in separate shipments, you will be charged our flat rate shipping for each separate pre-order shipment you make.  Please see our Shipping & Returns policy for more details.

I placed a pre-order but I was charged right away. How do I place a pre-order without payment up front? 

To place a pre-order without payment up front, choose the "pre-order" option upon checkout and you will be invoiced by Paypal once the products are shipping to us. If you choose to pay up front, you can choose from "Paypal" or "credit card" as your payment options. 

Can I combine my separate orders?

Once orders are placed, they cannot be combined. You can remove items from an order but two orders can not be combined. If the items arrive in stock and are paid for, no changes to the order can be made.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

You can cancel your pre-order at any time before the request for payment is sent out. If you have already paid for your order, you can have your funds refunded or transferred to another order, or put as credit to be used on something else. If you have paid for your order but it is already on the way to us, a 15% fee that will be charged. 

Do you grant retroactive discounts on sale items?

We do not grant retroactive discounts. If a customer places a large order and many items are sitting in our warehouse waiting for pre-order items to arrive, then the risk of a sale is that of the customer. Many customers place large orders to save on shipping due to our flat rate, but if one of those items goes on sale before we can ship your entire order, then we are not obliged to grant you a retroactive discount. We do not allow combining pre-orders with regular priced items for this reason.

Where is your retail store located?

Ages Three and Up is located at 101 - 9952 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, BC in Canada! For directions and store hours, please visit our Location & Hours page.


Please ensure you read and understand the pre-order Policy below, before continuing to the pre-orders section.  Items listed as “pre-order” are currently not available to ship until the pre-order arrives at our warehouse. 

Pre-order Policy

A pre-order is a contract to acquire an item before it is available in store. Agesthreeandup.com offers many items throughout the year as pre-order for the benefit of our shoppers to ensure pre-release items are obtainable and affordable.

Advantages of Pre-ordering

One of the benefits of pre-ordering is that some pre-orders have an early bird price which is lowered for a limited time. In addition, pre-ordering ensures that you get the product you want, as some products are limited in quantity and sell out before it reaches our store. As there is no need to put down any money for a preorder we encourage you to place a preorder on items as soon as possible to ensure that you secure any items you want before we sell out. 

If you choose to place a pre-order without payment up front, choose the "pre-order" option as your payment option upon checkout.

Payment for Pre-orders

You do not need to pay for your preorder up front when you chose the pre-order payment option. When we are notified that this item will be shipping to us soon (could be up to a month before we receive the item in question) we will be sending out an invoice for your order. To receive any discounts or special preorder offers on your order, this invoice must be paid in full BEFORE THE STOCK ARRIVES IN STORE. If the item arrives in stock and your invoice is not paid for your entire order will be cancelled and the item(s) you requested will be put back into inventory. You are more than welcome to place another order at that time for the full price of the item(s) in question but they are on a first come first serve basis.

If you have multiple items on your order that come in at different times, you will be requested for payment on each item as it arrives. We will hold all inventory until your entire order is in stock or you instruct us to ship out what is in stock. When the last item on your order is arriving you will be sent an invoice for the final item plus any shipping fee at that time. You will not be billed any shipping on items arrived in stock that we are holding to complete an order. If you wish to ship out items on your order before the order is complete you will be required to pay the flat rate shipping fee at that time and no part of your order can be shipped until that fee is completed.

If your order is cancelled for non payment on an item and you have items that are being held then your entire order will be cancelled and a 15% restocking fee will be applied to the items in stock. The remainder of the cost of your order and any monies paid for your order will be returned to you via paypal minus the 15% restocking fee.

If you wish to pay for your entire preorder up front then you can chose the paypal option upon checkout and your payment will be applied to your order. Your order will ship to you automaticlly when it arrives in stock.

In stock items need to be paid for at the time of order placement and cannot be placed under preorder, this option is only for items that have not arrived yet. Orders that do so will be cancelled.

Cancelling Pre-order Items

You can cancel your preorder at any time before your items arrive in stock. If you paid for your order early via paypal then you will be refunded in full for your order. If we have sent out notification that items are arriving and sent out invoices for items, then any cancellations are subject to a 15% restocking fee. The remainder of your funds will be sent back to you via paypal, minus the 15%.

Cancelling a preorder means you lose your place in line for this item. You are welcome to place a new order at any time if you change your mind but if an item is sold out or we are shorted on our items, then you can not just re-claim your original preorder.

Receiving your Pre-order

Although we make every effort to ensure products are shipped out promptly, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order "early" or on the expected release date.  Unexpected delays can happen, especially when dealing with foreign product, shipping methods, and high demand. We cannot control any of these unforeseen situations before it arrives at our warehouse.

Shipping your Pre-order

To help the customer save on shipping, by default, we only ship products once all items in an order are in stock. This ensures that you get all of your items shipped under one flat rate. If you choose to have your in-stock items shipped separate from your pre-orders, just let us know by sending an email to support@agesthreeandup.com.  You will be charged the flat rate for every separate shipment made however you may add more items to your pre-order shipments as needed to take advantage of our flat rate shipping.

I would like my figure to be sent to me in MINT CONDITION

We do our best to ensure that all items sent out are in as good of condition as possible but Ages Three and Up does not guarantee Mint Condition figures. There are other sites online that offer a premium for this service but Ages Three and Up does not. If condition is a factor of your purchase we would suggest coming into the store and make your purchases to check conditions of the items in question yourself. Ages Three and Up does not do exchanges due to package condition. For items that may have been damaged due to shipping, a claim will have to be made either with Canada Post or USPS depending on what service was used for your delivery.



What methods of payments can I pay with?

We offer a range of secure payment methods. Upon checkout, you will be directed to PayPal's website where you will have the option of paying by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal. Please note that you DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay with your credit card. Simply fill in the credit card form and submit, once prompted to confirm, choose to "continue without logging in" by clicking on the link beside the login box.

For pre-orders, you can choose the "pre-order" option upon checkout if you prefer to be invoiced later for your order. If you choose to pay up front, you can choose from "Paypal" or "credit card" as your payment options. 

Do you charge taxes?

As we are a Canadian company based in British Columbia, we are obliged to charge GST (5%) on all Canadian sales and an extra BC PST (7%) for sales to residents of British Columbia. Taxes are added at time of check-out.

How are discounts and coupon codes applied? 

If applicable, discounts and coupon codes can be applied at time of check-out.



I have a bunch of items for trade/sale. Do you want them?

We take most items from the product lines we sell depending on the condition of the items.

How much will I get for ‘X’?

We give about half of what we would sell an item for when you trade it in, but it all depends on the item. For example, if you want to send us a basic figure and we sell it for $10, it would be worth $5 to you.

Do you offer cash or store credit for my items?

We are no longer able to offer cash for items. Store credit will be issued for trade ins. 

I want to trade my stuff, how and when do I get my trade value?

For all trade-ins, please send us an email with a detailed list of the products and photos to support@agesthreeandup.com. Please also indicate whether you're looking for in-store credit or cash, and whether you are local to our store, or if you'd be sending in your collection. We will do an initial assessment of your trade-ins and from there, we will either assign you a trade-in ticket number and let you know where to send your trade-ins to, or let you know we cannot take the trade-in. You will be responsible for shipping costs both ways. 

Please noteWe will not accept any packages that are shipped to us without first contacting us, and going through the initial assessment. 

I live in Vancouver, can I just bring my stuff in to the shop?

For all trade-ins, please send us an email with a detailed list of the products and photos to support@agesthreeandup.com. Please also indicate whether you're looking for in-store credit or cash. We will do an initial assessment of your trade-ins and from there, we will either assign you a trade-in ticket number and let you know when to drop off your trade-in, or let you know we cannot take your trade-in. 

If you have any other questions please send us an email: support@agesthreeandup.com.