TFCC Subscription Figure 3.0 - Car Zap

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FUNCTION: Autobot Forward Patrol

"One moment can change everything. When that moment comes again,
how will you decide to do things differently?”

One of the very young Generation 2 Autobots created during the earth led G2 project. Having been assigned to Japan he has adopted the culture as his own. Enjoys taking part in fast-paced sports, but is not brash or impulsive. His personal philosophy has been shaped by the race track - life is a loop. That's not to say that he's a pessimist, but he believes in patience. If you miss out on one opportunity, you just might be able to find another. Respectful of his new squad leader, Rapido.

CarZap feature an ALL-NEW head sculpt based on the Generation 2 toy Windbreaker, but the deco? The deco is based on the unreleased Block Town colors and that makes for one sharp bot! ALSO included is a Kre-O block set (where you can build your very own gas pump/laser blaster) AND a GB Blackrock Kreon, totally bringing the whole Block Town concept to fans at long last!

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