TFCC Subscription Figure 5.0 - Lifeline with Quickslinger

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Lifeline w/Quickslinger
Autobot Medic

“Don’t let my smile fool you, it is part of my root programming.”

LIFELINE is one of the last remaining members of the Paradron Medic Corps, a group which famously shared an identical body-type amongst all its units. The near-pastel color scheme of the Medic Corps is based off of Rungian insights into the psychological status of most would-be patients, it's meant to put them at ease and offer less risk of accidental provocation. LIFELINE does not fight and is a pacifist at spark, and she loathes that her programming drives her to accept patients injured from combat. Behind her ironic smile hides a detachment she’s developed for repairing bots who return to war. Naturally pragmatic, LIFELINE repairs when possible and deactivates when not.

LIFELINE and her practice are aided by the one-time Targetmaster QUICKSLINGER who was one of the most rough-and-tumble robots in the Autobot military, taking on missions that defied her size and bearing. When the war seemed lost, she left Cybertron in search of a rumored lost colony world and a new mission for her life. She has achieved that goal as a loyal attendant to LIFELINE.

Gather Lifeline's included medical implements – Energon Infuser, Plasma Projector, Hard-Light Scalpel Blades (x2) – as well as the Quickslinger Targetmaster partner accessory, and prep her for surgery as she treats your other Transformers action figures!


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