Alien Attack

Alien Attack - AAT-01 - Mackron, the King of Savannah

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AAT- 01 Mackron, the King of Savannah
Robot height 32cm(12.6inch)
Robot mode Contents List
1 Bio card
1 Instruction manual
1 Shotgun
1 holster and Chains
1 cloak
1 Igor articulated Figure(Bonus only for First Run)
2 collar pieces
Alt Mode Contents List
1 Trailer Cage
4 cage Boxes
2 railings
1 spare wheel
2 gas canisters
1 trailer decoration tiny box
-Super posable
-Die cast parts, general weight 1.3kg
-matte and damage effect painted
-Rubber tyres
-show accuracy
-Eye with LED , battery code is R521*3 (Buy separately)
-Truck front light with LED, batter code R521*4 (Buy separately)
-One piece transformation with trailer
-With driving room, seats and steering wheel

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