BadCube OTS-12 Lorry

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BadCube OTS-12 Lorry 

Robot *Torso and legs can extend and collapse* to change shape and dimensions.

LORRY is adjustable in height.  It can be * Taller / shorter, chubby / athletic, to fit your style. You have the option to take a heroic stance or decked out in an old-school curvy posture.    

*Lorry is equipped with a heavy tow cable which works with Speedbump. The pulley and cable length are adjustable to attach different vehicles. 

Special: Mini figures to recreate classic battles from the show are included.  (knights, horses, weaponry)

*The knight fits perfectly on top of OTS-04 Wardog, he can mount on Wardog and joust.  

* Robot standard height around 8 inches (in scale to the van bros) but the height is adjustable.

* Truck scale bigger than a car bot, smaller than a tank bot like it should be.

* Robot and truck scales well with previous items such as Brawny, Wardog, Sunsurge. 

* Alternate mode homages original show and real world base vehicle.


Product contains:

Die-cast parts

Production paint application

Clear and tinted windows

PVC tires (some improvement from OTS-08 Sunsurge)

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