Diaclone Reboot - DA-95 Robot Base (Grand Dion) (Reissue)

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 The second robot-based project, the land mobile battleship <Grand Dion>. Two flight decks reminiscent of an aircraft carrier, a rugged bridge with radars on the left and right, decks with handrails, and 10 gigantic crawlers that support the huge body, whipping up dust and running through the ground. It is truly a super-dreadnought battleship that runs on land.

The land mobile battleship <Grand Dion>, which is the largest volume in the Diaclone series, has boarding and placement of Diaclone members, storage and launch of various machines, deployment of various weapons and hatches, etc. Various situations with a huge group of gimmicks on each part of the hull. The definitive version of <battleship type toy> that realizes play and is full of play value of angry waves! Experience an unprecedented gigantic battleship toy!

  • The front part of the hull is equipped with a deployable flight deck, bow hangar, triple-barreled main gun, secondary gun/missile pod, and a storage lift for carrier-based planes (hatch opening/closing by lever operation to lifting action).
  • The bridge section is equipped with a main bridge (5 seats) that can be separated as a shuttle plane, a central hangar, a retractable turret, a large missile (hatch deployment by lever operation ~ missile launch action), a crew elevator (spring drive action), etc.
  • Equipped with a stern hangar, rear boarding deck, and deployable gangway at the rear of the hull.
  • The ship-mounted machines include 2 fighters <Base Fighter>, 1 reconnaissance plane <Dia Fighter/S>, 1 combat vehicle <Cosmo Roller/D>, and 2 underground drones <Geodivers>.
  • Five Diaclone members are included.
  • The land mobile battleship mode is a big size with a total length of about 52cm. It can be dynamically transformed into a heavy armed mode in which each part such as the main gun is deployed, and a two-legged heavy machine machine mode (total height of about 45 cm) that becomes the lower body of the robot base.

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