Diaclone Reboot - Tactical Mover - Garuda Versaulter (Gyrolifter Unit Raven)

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A new machine that boasts the largest volume in the Tactical Mover series is now available in black color!

The gyro lifter unit is a tilt rotor type unit equipped with two gyros.
A 4-wheel vehicle is mounted on the lift arm at the rear of the unit! The body color is black. One Diaclone member Ver.2.0 is included. ■Simple and dynamic mechanism in 3 modes: <Machine mode> in vehicle form, <Mech mode> in heavy mobile mech form, and <Decisive battle mode> in humanoid combat form that demonstrates maximum combat power.

Completely transformed. In decisive battle mode, the rear part of the aircraft is deployed to enter heavy attack mode. It is also possible to construct a vehicle with only units excluding the frame.

■Equipped with the condensed essence of Diaclone
The overall height in humanoid combat form makes it easy to play and perfect for collection. There is a lot of value in figure boarding, transformation, combination, customization, etc. A highly functional body that incorporates new gimmicks and the essence of the current Diaclone.

What is <Tactical Mover Series>
<Tactical Mover Series> is a new series that can be called "HARD-DIACLONE" that focuses on elements of military SF taste, which is one of the essences of the Diaclone line, which has various aspects. . Elements such as the world view, time axis, and the invading alien Walder from hostile forces are the same as the existing Diaclone line, and will develop in parallel, and the synergistic effect of the two lines will create a Diaclone world with even more depth and depth.

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