Diaclone Reboot - Tactical Mover: Hawk Versaulter (Orbithopter Unit)

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A tactical mover machine for space maneuvers with a huge white body propulsion unit on its back.

Equipped with a missile launch launch in the center of the propulsion unit. Hand-held weapon is a long-range rifle.

Integrated transformation into 3 mode form
Machine form with long range rifle attached to the front. A heavy-duty mecha form with two huge arms.
Completely transformed into a humanoid combat form that demonstrates maximum combat ability! It is also possible to construct a vehicle with only units excluding the frame.

Equipped with the essence of Diaclone condensed into a 10cm tall body
The total height of the humanoid battle mode is about 10cm, making it easy to play and perfect for his collection. In addition to the value of boarding, transforming, combining, and customizing the figure, new gimmicks such as a cockpit that moves in conjunction with the opening and closing of the head hatch, and a stabilization anchor that supports the balance of the center of gravity when standing up are incorporated. high-performance body.

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