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Fans Hobby - Master Builder MB-06C V2 Power Baser

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Fans Hobby's Power Baser Version 2 Features an all new chromed figure and improvements on the original already impressive Power Baser figure! MB-06C V2 Power Baser by Fans Hobby is Masterpiece Scaled and ABS & Die-cast parts! MB-06 POWER BASER is back with new name MB-06C V2 POWER BASER and NEW UPGRADES; Red eye, adjustable bumper, articulated hands, and chrome plated thigh (both core robot & big robot.) MB-06C V2 Power Baser stands 12.5"/32CM tall in robot mode and transforms into an armored truck and trailer, to robot and back! 

Product Features:
- 12.5"/32 CM tall in robot mode 
- Masterpiece Scaled 
- Red Eyes 
- Adjustable Bumper 
- Articulated Hands 
- Chrome Plated Parts (core and big robot)

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