KFC- Eavi Metal Phase 6I - Smithereen

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Eavi Metal Phase 6I - Smithereen

The robot standing 20CM tall
He can transform from a motorcycle to a robot and back.


Included in the box:

  • Bio Card X 1
  • Instructions X1
  • Shoulder Armour X2
  • stick*1
  • Extra Spike Studs X2

Features of this collectible:

  • Fully metallic sparkles on surface
  • Metallic Painted
  • Super posable
  • Current MP scaled
  • Sword/gun can hanging on the alt mode
  • Rubber tyres
  • Exchangeable front chest , playable with other 5 Motor-Gangsters
  • Ratchets on shoulder and waist movements
  • Worldwide limited 800 pieces for this run
  • Die Cast thighs and feet
  • Refined molds from old Crash-hog , like the transformation of the handle of motorbike from motorbike to robot now smoothly built, no hesitations in transformation.
  • Changed the all posable fingers to pinned hands, more stable.
  • Oil Gauge and speed gauge details tampoed.

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