MP-15E and MP-16E Masterpiece Cassettebot and Cassettetron Set Exclusive

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From Takara Tomy mall comes this exclusive repaint of 4 popular Transformers Masterpiece cassettes! Included are: Cybertron Stripes, Nighststalker, Wing Thing and Enemy! Stripes is a repaint of MP-15 Ravage Jaguar, Nighstalker a repaint of Steeljaw which transforms from cassette to lion, Wing Thing transforms into a bat and is a repaint of Ratbat, and Enemy which is a repaint of Rumble/Frenzy. Includes enemy's piledrivers and pink cassette cases for all 4 cassette tapes! 

Set Includes:
- 1 x Cybertron Stripes 
- 1 x Nightstalker 
- 1 x Wing Thing 
- 1 x Enemy 
- 4 x Cassettes 
- 1 x Set of Piledrivers

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