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Ocular Max - Perfection Series - PS-04 Azalea

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OX Azalea has amazing articulation including pulled down hip joint, double ab crunch, double elbow and knee joints to handle a range of dynamic poses. The rich accessory pack includes spare faces and hands add great play value to the figure. The minimal backpack and feminine body sculpt resulted from the unique transformation design make her a real stand out from similar products.

* images from convention, stock images will be updated once finalized


  • 18 cm (7.5") tall, well scaled with MP-28
  • Swappable face plates with expressions
  • Swappable Gesture Hands
  • Die cast parts contained 


What's in the Box:

  • Extra Face Plates x 3
  • Gesture hands x 3
  • Pistols x 2
  • Tech Spec Decoder
  • Bio card
  • Manual

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