Sentinel - Riobot Transform - Super Robot Wars: SRX-00 Super Robot X-Type

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From "Super Robot Wars OG", "SRX" is arranged as an action figure which completely realizes transformation and combination!

ABS and die-cast are used for sharp details.

By combining "R-1", "R-2 Powered" and "R-3 Powered", the most powerful form "SRX" will be completed! 

To ensure steady posing in the "SRX" form, ratchet joints are used in various locations.

The fingers transformed from Hi-Zol Launchers are fully articulated.

The gigantic "Z.O. Sword" is made of clear parts. "Z.O. Sword" can also be displayed as if it is being drawn from the chest.

Please enjoy "The Invincible Super Robot SRX" proudly presented by Sentinel, standing approximately 350mm and consisting of over 1,000 parts in total! Let's go! VARIABLE FORMATION!!

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