TA-23 Animated Skywarp (Voyager Class)

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Using the Allspark fragment embedded in his forehead, Starscream brought life to numerous clones, who took distinct aspects of his personality. Skywarp received the coward side of Starscream and thus is utterly spineless in nature, fearing everything and everyone. During the battle between the Clones, the Autobots, and Megatron, he was ambushed by Blurr and put in stasis cuffs, immobilising him. Thundercracker, who had been encased in cement by Mixmaster, accidentally collided with them, and all three were sent through the Space Bridge to an unknown part of the galaxy. Bulkhead tried to bring them back, but to no avail, as he never set the target coordinates. The trio were later seen on a desolated planet. Thundercracker shattered the cement, and chased Blurr into space. Skywarp, however, was still immobilized by the stasis cuffs. Him, Thundercracker, Swindle and Team Chaar are the remaining Decepticons in space.

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