Takara - Transformers War for Cybertron: Rhinox VS Scorponok Set (Premium Finish)

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The Beasts are Back, baby! This Takara-Tomy repaint is being brought by Hasbro for you to enjoy outside Japan. Add the Transformers Beast Wars BWVS-02 Rhinox vs. Scorponok to your kingdom! Exquisitely decorated in paint lovingly inspired by the 1990s Mainframe animated Beast Wars series, each robot in disguise is ready to rock your toy world. Not only does Predacon Scorponok include rockets in his claw, but he has a little Cyberbee drone too! If that wasn't enough, Maximal Rhinox has his chainguns - but you'll need to supply your own doom. True to their names, Rhinox converts from rhinoceros to Maximal robot and back again, and Scorponok can change shape to a scorpion or his robot mode. If you want the figures that are close enough to the 1990s TV masterpiece, you'll want to order this set. Ages 15 and up.

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