Transformers Combiner Wars Victorion Boxed Set

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The much anticpated fan made and first female combiner is here!

Victorion was created after the Torchbearers - a team of explorers who seek ancient Cybertronian artifacts - were accidentally exposed to the energies of the Enigma of Combination. As all six of her components are devout followers of the Mistress of Flame, the religious head of Caminus, Victorion gets a leeeeeeetle bit tetchy when someone threatens sacred relics. And by "tetchy" we mean "summons the wrath of god upon their heads". Between her whirling blade weapons, gravity-control powers, and the ability to fly under her own power, the collection of Rust Renegades is more than capable of some righteous smiting.

Victorion is formed from 6 figures:

  • Pyra Magna
  • Stormclash
  • Skyburst
  • Dustup
  • Jumpstream
  • Rust Dust


This set also features improved feet and hands for Combined Mode.

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