Transformers Masterpiece - MP-59 Rhinox

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Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-59 Beast Wars Rhinox:

Rhinox is back! He seamlessly transforms from Beast Mode (Rhinoceros) to Robot Mode. He is scaled to match the series' characters, allowing you to recreate action scenes from the Beast Wars series by displaying him alongside previously released Beast Wars Maximal and Predacon characters. Two Gatling Guns are included, allowing you to recreate the iconic dual-wielding pose from the series. One can be stored inside Rhinox's Beast Mode. Additionally, the set includes the Device that was used in the series to search for Optimus Primal's Spark, as well as the Spark, and an alternate Face (Screaming) for your display enjoyment. By using the adapter for Convoy (Beast Wars), you can recreate scenes where Rhinox rides in Beast Mode, just like in the TV series. Ages 15 and up.

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