Transformers Masterpiece - MPG-06S Railbot Kaen (Raiden Box Set)

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Transformers Masterpiece - MPG-06 Railbot Kaen (Raiden Box Set)

1 x Trainbot Kaen Raiden Figure
1 x Weapon (Power Laser)
1 x Light Sword for Raiden
1 x Train Mark for Animation
1 x Conventional Line Rail
Joint Parts
Raiden Joint Parts
1 x Character Card
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Complete Set of Raiden BOX (Lower Box and Upper Box)
1 x Light Sword Plated Version for Raiden
1 x TF Power Base (Base A )
1 x TF Power Base (Base B)
2 x TF Power Base (Arm)
4 x Dedicated Display Stands (Arm)
1 x Character Card (Raiden)

*Please Note - MPG-01 through MPG-05 are sold separately and not included in this box set!

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