Transformers The Last Knight - Premier Edition Leader Class Dragonstorm and Megatron Set of 2

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The Premier Leader Class series features 9" tall figures that come in premier movie packaging and transforms from robot to vehicle or alt mode and back! Each figure is a heroic Autobot or evil Decepticon and includes weapons and accessories!

Diabolical Megatron returns in the Transformers the Last Knight movie this time transforming into a supersonic jet. Armed with his own sword of destruction and includes two jet thrusts.

Combine Dragonicus and Stormreign figures to form the 3-headed dragon figure, Dragonstorm. Convert Dragonicus from knight to dragon mode in 26 steps. Convert Stormreign from knight to dragon mode in 27 steps.

Set of 2 Figures Includes:
- 1 x Premier Leader Class Dragonstorm
- 1 x Premier Leader Class Megatron

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