Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy: Buzzworthy Bumblebee - Worlds Collide Set of 4

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Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee Worlds Collide Set of 4:

Bumblebee escapes with the Allspark through an unstable spacebridge to protect it from Decepticon hands. Worlds collide as he finds himself in an alternate universe, facing new beast threats! This pack includes 4 alternate universe-inspired figures, including Nemesis Primal, Blackarachnia, Bumblebee, and Fangry figures. Figures convert from robot to alt mode in 18-22 steps. Fangry figure's head converts into Headmaster trainer Brisko figure. Includes 2 Cyber Blades, bazooka, crossbow, and Allspark accessories. Ages 8 and up.

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