X-Transbots - MX-8T Aegis (Cartoon Version)

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What's inside:
-Bio card *1
-Instruction manual *1
-Wood stock scene *3 (with tiny cups*3)
-Car loaded Satellite *1
-Shoulder cannon emitting wave effect clear piece *1
-Replacement wrist missile launcher *1
-Wrist MP weapon adaptor *2(For MP30 Ratchet weapon accessory)
-Three mouth wrist gun *1
-Toy head as bonus *1
-3.0 Style faces *3

Features of MX-8T Aegis:
-Clear light blue tinted window as cartoon
-Clear car lights
-Rubber tires
-Shining polished car shell
-Back of robot can be loaded with MP27 Ironhide rocket pack.
-Die cast joints and feet
-Improved shoulder joints 360 degree rotatable
-3.0 style faces more 3 pieces included
-Over-tight pegs/joints improved, for more better playbilities
-Major color changed to dark grey and off-white in the robot, fully metallic painted
-New fists designed
-The tampo planning changed to cartoon style

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