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Fans Hobby - MasterBuilder - MB06D Power Baser + MB-11D God Armour (Orange Set)

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Fans Hobby MasterBuilder MB06D POWER BASER + MB-11D GOD ARMOUR (Orange Set)

Fans Hobby MB06D Power Baser + MB-11D God Armour (Orange Set)

Product name: MB-06D + MB-11D

Name: Orange Power Baser + Orange God Armour

Height: 320mm -- MB-06D,

             310mm -- MB-11D,

             371 mm (Combined mode MB-06D + MB-11D)


Main materials: ABS


MB-06D Content:

- Blaster rifle x 2 pcs.

- Double barrelled canon x 2 pcs.

- Mini driver x 1 pc.


MB-11D Content:

- Shoulder canon x 1 pc.

- Extendable Sword x 2 pcs.

- New sculpted head with "Enhanced mode" x 1 pc.

- Junior Drivers x 3 pcs.



- High pose-ability,

- Scale fits to MP collection

- With bonus eyes set for power baser

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