KFC - Eavi Metal Phase 9:A - Kingorilla and Kongor

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Kingorilla and Konger have 3 modes of transformation and changes from gorilla to space ship to robot and back! Robot stands approximately 24CM/9.5" tall and is Masterpiece scaled. 

Set Features:
- Kingorilla can transform from APE to jet and to Robot, triple changes 
- Kingorilla's head can transform to a minion driver called Kongor in the jet mode and back to head for APE and ROBOT 
- Clear Jet windows 
- Control board with CR2025# battery one piece installed, when you open the canopy ,the control board lights up ,and turn off with finger 
- Guns with LR626# battery 6 pieces installed can light up(each gun 3 pieces batteries) 
- Die cast joints and feet 
- Ratchet joints with spring inside designed 
- Landing gear with rolling effect 
- Konger feet bottom with magnet, which can stand on the top of jet ,make many poses 
- Head on Kongor to Kingorilla the chest of the Kingorrilla shows up energy bars 

Set Includes:
- 1 x Kingorilla Figure 
- 1 x Konger Figure 
- 1 x Bio Card
- 1 x Instruction Manual 
- 2 x LED Gun
- 2 x Thruster Effect Piece 
- 1 x Clear Stand 
- 2 x Magnet

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