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Mastermind Creations - Infinite Finity - Eris: Kultur Alternative

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Lady Eris is a bot with outlier ability that the mad scientist Psyaxus experimented on. He took her ability to mimic any combatant and enhanced it. Lady Eris' outlier ability can now transmogrify her exo-skeleton along with giving her the same skill set of any combatant. Since she is a fan of the strong gladiators in the battle pits, she's often seen mimicking a pit champion's skills and body types while conducting secret assassination missions for Psyaxus as his top agent.

Eris: Kultur is the first figure of Infinite Finity line by Ocular Max. Being the initial product of the line, Eris has set the bar for in engineering design with high articulation which allows her to achieve any expressive pose. Her alt mode is a compact fast tank. Her accessory pack-in is minimal as everything is integrated in her dual modes.

  • Height (bot mode) 20.5 cm ( about 8inches)
  • Articulation joints: 73 points
  • Material ABS, POM, METAL

FEATURE: Removable mask, finger splay hand, articulated tank treads, functioning tank turret.

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