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Mayhem Mekanics - The Unrustables: MM01 Burley/Iride

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Introducing Mayhem Mekanics’ first project, MM01 The Unrustables. A 1:18 scale transforming Mech Bike that when in robot mode, integrates the driver as the chest portion of the robot.

Figure Includes:
- Bike in orange and black 
- Rider in orange and grey 
- Burley heads - Masked and Unmasked bike head, 1 rider head 
- Iride head - Masked and Unmasked bike head, 1 rider head 
- Chainsaw weapon 
- 2 large shotguns 
- 2 large pistols 
- 2 small pistols 
- 2 vent chest parts 
- 2 round chest parts 

Product Features:
- Free rolling wheels in bike mode - Large weapons can be stored on bike when in bike or robot mode - Heads on rider can be changed by just pulling out the head - Bike heads must be changed using a small Philips screwdriver (not included) - Small pistols can be stored on the bike in both bike mode and robot mode

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