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Mayhem Mekanics - The Unrustables: The Prospect Accessory Pack (White)

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The Prospect is a full rider figure that comes with many accessories that are not included in the MM01 set and will be available for separate sales and purchases. The Prospect comes with different parts for the user to build their own style of figure or they can use the accessory parts with their MM01 purchase as well. Everything in the MM04b set comes unpainted so the customer can create and paint their own figures and designs. Pictures are of prototype figures, final images to come. 

Figure Includes:
- The Prospect - a complete figure 
- Old Leader parts - different parts to create Brasso from the Unrustables story 
- Brasso head 
- Brasso mechanical claw arm 
- Brasso pistol holster leg 
- 2 pistols 
- 2 shotguns 
- A sword 
- A scythe 
- A blaster ray gun 
- Left and right damaged leg parts 
- Left and right round leg parts 
- Left and right vented leg parts 
- Left and right lined leg parts 

Set Features:
- Fully articulated 3 ¾ in figure 
- Customizable parts to create your own figure 
- All parts are compatible with The Unrustables release as well as any future releases in the Unrustables line. 
- All parts are unpainted, so you can paint and display your own creations.

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