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Ocular Max - PS-09 Hellion

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Hellion is a hot head and often jumps into the heart of the battle with only one goal in mind, take out the enemies. He doesn’t trust anyone and treats everyone that he talks to with a condescending attitude. Hellion always has an itchy trigger finger and often pulls out a BFG at the most unexpected time to blast his enemies away, even at the cost of a tactical error during battle.


* Robot stands at 5"/12cm tall, scaled with MP-21

* Door openable to fit in up to 2 mini figures in car.

* Super joint system that can handle expressive poses.

* Swappable heads of vivid face expressions

* Car mode is fully painted.

* Diecast parts, Rubber tires


What's Included:

3 heads of friendly/angry/serious face expressions, missile launcherx1, pistolx1, riflex1, water ski wheel mountx 4,hood laser beam gun x1, manual, bio card, Red Decoder

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