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Toys Alliance - Archecore: ARC-22 Yggdrasill SU-244A SPG Set

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Estimated Release: 2nd Quarter 2023
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Estimated Release: 2nd Quarter 2023

Yggdrasil’s version of self-propelled artillery is the Kingdom of Veck’s latest military weapon with fortified armor cooling and sand-resistant mechanical parts to address the desert and oasis battle environments in the Principality of Omar. The weapon’s heavy artillery cannons have been modified to shoot wide area “cluster munitions” that explode mid-air for wide area killing power that effectively improves battle capabilities against the lightly armored and scattered troops of the sand lizard tribe. Multiple barrel rocket launchers have been attached to both sides of the self-propelled artillery to act as support for heavy artillery. It’s capable of addressing close-range assaults, plunder defenses, and also offers the capability of pinpoint attacks on the mobile vehicles of the sand lizard tribe if they’re outside the range of “cluster munitions”. The self-propelled artillery’s introduction has, for the first time, let the sand lizards invading the Principality of Omar feel the massive threat of heavy artillery, forcing them to reflect on their primary strategy of light armor guerilla warfare.


  • SPG figure x1
  • ARCHE-SOLDIER figure x1
  • Cannon x1
  • PVC Hands x8
  • Connector x2

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