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Toys Alliance - Archecore: ARC-25 Yggdrasill Axe Warrior Squad

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In order to strengthen their allies, the Kingdom of Veck transported a branch of their holy tree "Yggdrasill" into the oasis at the Principality of Omar to ensure that water springs eternal; as such, the squad responsible for this mission also took the name of the world tree. Aside from assisting the Principality of Omar to fend off the plundering of the sand lizards from Burning Sands, Yggdrasill Squad also carried the responsibility of field system of "unification of military and agriculture" to the Principality of Omar; the mission included expanding their harvest while safeguarding farming villages. The Axe Warrior Squad led this mission and taught troops from the Crimson Fox how to effectively fend off the guerilla tactics of the sand lizards to form the solid foundation of a military alliance.


  • 1/35 SCALE:2.3 inches (6cm).
  • HI-POSEABLE:Over 30 points of articulation.
  • HI-SPEC:Made of ABS, POM, PA, and PVC.
  • HI-DETAIL:Highly detailed and coloring.
  • WEAPONS:A wide variety of weapons and accessories.
  • DIORAMA WORLD:Faithfully presenting the kingdom world.

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