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Toys Alliance - Archecore: ARC-21EX Yggdrasil Sniper Squad (Expo Limited)

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The many tribes of the Crimson Fox reside within the oasis which forms the Principality of Omar, which has formed a long and stable alliance with the Kingdom of Veck due to their supplementary natural resources. Merchant caravans continuously travel between the 2 countries and have become targets for the desert's Sand Lizard Tribe. In order to protect the merchants, the Kingdom of Veck has stationed the Yggdrasill Arche-Soldier Squad within the Principality of Omar to assist the Crimson Fox in resisting invasion from the "Burning Sands" led by Mosa, leader of the Sand Lizards. In order to adapt to the highly diverse environments of the desert and oasis, Faced with the relentless assault from Burning Sands, Yggdrasill formed a sniper squad with elite soldiers adept at covert warfare to take the offensive and destroy Burning Sands bases within the oasis.


  • SNIPER SQUAD Leader figure×1
  • SNIPER SQUAD Soldier figure×2
  • Grenade Launcher×2
  • Grenade×6
  • Shield Gun×2
  • Connector×9
  • PVC Hand×24
  • Belt×3
  • Flame Rifle×1
  • Kettle×3
  • Multi Purpose Rifle×1
  • Rapid Shooting Rifle×1
  • Sniper Rifle×1
  • Stand×3
  • Stealth Rifle×1

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