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Toys Alliance - Archecore: ARC-23 Yggdrasill ARCHE-SOLDIER Squad Portable Fortifications

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In order to quickly deploy a line of defense in desert and oasis environments, the Kingdom of Veck’s “Yggdrasil” army developed portable fortifications designed specifically for Ymirus. The fortifications include a mechanized tactical backpack and an unmanned ground vehicle. The mechanized tactical backpack is equipped with light machine guns and flame throwers, allowing it to simultaneously handle short and mid-range foes; if necessary, the weapons can also be removed for manual operation. The foldable brackets can be connected to Ymirus armor to make them into mobile fortifications. The unmanned ground vehicle is the latest experimental weapon developed by the Kingdom of Veck. It can toggle between 3 tactical modes of “assault”, “reconnaissance”, and “cover” based on commands issued from Ymirus. It’s capable of automatically identifying the sand lizard tribe and opening fire; it is the pioneer of autonomous weapons from the Kingdom of Veck.


  • ARCHE-SOLDIER figure ×1
  • Tactical Backpack ×1
  • UGV ×1
  • Tank Trap x3
  • PVC Hand x8
  • Connector x3

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