X-Transbots - MX-10 Virtus (Premium Version)

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Estimated Release: 1st Quarter 2021
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What in the package :

1. Virtus*1

2. Movie Missile*1

3. Shooting effect *2

4. Movie Gun*1

5. Cartoon Gun *1

6. Only Human *1

7. Base*1

8. Sword*1

9. Propeller effect*1

10.Replacement Cartoon Face*5

11.Replacement Comic Face*1


Features of this Item:

1. Movie missile can be combined with shooting effect as of flying bombing

2. Cockpit fully detailed, two driver's seats designed.

3. Sword can tranfsorm to propeller and can be storaged at bottom of the car mode

4. Base can standing with two weapons , one propeller and two shooting effects

5. Base design from Teletraan floor scene and can combine with other floor/base from other toys of XTB.

6. Stand can be move back and forth and tilting as of the helicopter tilted flying

7. Ab crunching;

8. Side ab crunching;

9. Rubber tyres

10. Butterfly shoulders

11. Knee bendnig more than 90 degrees

12. 820gram total of robot weight

13. Fully Nanometer painted

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